Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why yes, I am Obsessed w/ Rihanna .

This bitch has been killin shit all week in Paris. Like I can't even begin to explain the genius behind Mariel Haenn (her stylist). The all black look if definitely sets a statement. Its getting serious!
"Blacks cards black cars black EVERYTHING."

At first I was a little iffy about the MC Hammer pants coming back, but these are actually flattering I think. I have a pair myself (not o shiny thought & probably like 1/3 of the price). Here is my wife attended the Balmain show wearing a lacy bodice top with harem (MC Hammer) pants, a beautiful structured blazer and a black clutch.

No regular person could pull this off. EVER.

Anyway, I think Rihanna & Katy should be bff's. They're so cute together!

Here she is w/ her stylist Mariel Haenn. That bitch go! They went to the Vivienne Westwood show. She's wearing a cute boyfriend blazer and over the knee suede camel colored Christian Louboutin boots.

This look is straight off the Hussein Chalayan's runway! Dress as well as boots.

Chanel show, which was today! I woke up wishing I was there..

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