Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Hang Out w/ Douche Bags .

So this weekend was a very interesting and productive one. I got to help out my two bruhs Bob & Ruzer w/ their video for their reality shows theme song. Its called 'The Douche bag Anthem" lol. Think Sexy Ladies for The Love of Ray-J minus the gayness. This video is going to be hilariously epic. Got Inglewood thugs, niggas doin back flips & shit, not to mention a hipster beat down scene (omg I can't wait to see the final cut this was such a funny ass day!). I decided to just go right along & be stylist & picked all their outfits out. On Saturday they shot this "hipster" scene, which I played a small roll in. Nothing big, just being a good friend & supporting the movement. The reality show, which i called The Diary of a Hollywood Douche bag, will be on a TV near you soon! Most of the participants are bay natives (which is why its gonna be hella tight).

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