Thursday, December 30, 2010

Black Swan

To those who have not already seen this movie, I suggest everyone go out & watch this right away! This film was absolutely amazing & it deserves all of the praise which it has been receiving lately. Natalie Portman did a phenomenal job playing the tortured soul ballerina, Nina. The film is surrounds a ballet company where dancers live for the attention of a coldly known choreographer, who casts the innocent, anorexic Nina to star as Oderre/Odile, the white and black swan in Swan Lake, in which she must literally break through her body and lose her mind to be reborn an artist. Natalie's performance did an excellent job taking the audience inside Nina's twisted mind while going through the process of becoming the swan, in the kind of transcendent self-loss that only artists know. Not to mention the pretty hot sex scenes, one with herself & one with my new fav Mila Kunis. Plus, most of the stunts were done by her, for she has years of ballet dance experience & she trained for a year, sometimes 8 hours a day, before they even began to film. Portman's Oscar nomination is well deserved, there is nothing but pleasant things in her future for she just announced she is pregnant by her fiance, who is a New York Ballet dancer and choreographer whom she met during shooting. What a great way to start a new year :)

Everyone Knows Ima Muthafuckin MONSTA!

Kinda juiced this video leaked. They are taking so long to release it!! Nicki Minaj's verse on this track made me a official fan of her work. It's not even that she said something so profound or intellectual, this shit just goes hella hard. Jay-Z on the other hand... Coulda set this one out buddy. Lol. In what Rolling Stone called "the cameo of the year," the video definitely does not disappoint. Since this is a leak, it is safe to assume this isn't the final version of the video. Can't wait to see what special tweaks they decide to add to it!


Definition of a Super Model.

Sky High

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ummm Excuse Me Keri Hilson?!?

I never expected such vulgar lyrics from Keri Hilson! "I got that kinda pussy that'll keep you out the streets"? Really Keri? I imagined something a little more classy, especially following her "empowering" single before it 'Breaking Point'. It's understandable that she would try something different, maybe even outlandish because of album sales, but I feel like this is so out of character for her. The video opens with singers JoJo (random much?!?), Faith Evans, Dawn & Keri talking amongst an arsenal of guns. The acting is offensive enough, Keri (who was last seen in all pink atop a pink castle float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade might I add) soon stripped down to almost nothing. Sweating & gyrating all over the place & even dry humping a bank vault, Keri thrusts her pelvis into the camera enough times that you could give her a Pap smear. I mean you can practically see up her damn uterus in many of the shots. Spread Eagle in a bathing suit?! I'm too through.


"I care about what I haven’t found in me yet. I know who I am now, but I’ve yet to meet the Taj of tomorrow. I’m investigating myself, and within this investigation I’m managing to gradually paint my own portrait. Growing as humans is art in itself. It’s displayed in our own history books and in the memories of those who watched us evolve. I’m going to do great things. Some of them you will understand, and some you will not. You’ll love some and hate some of it, BUT… you’ll remember it all. I’ve introduced people to this world of “working” art and have detached myself from some people who broke the rules that I abide by. I’ve made mistakes, but it’s all apart of the masterpiece. Besides, a masterpiece isn’t a masterpiece because it’s perfect. It’s a masterpiece because of it’s touch.

Watch. And please do not regret."


Tightest Commercial Ever. So Beautiful..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

MILF Alert

Alicia Keys in November Italian Vogue. She shot these while she was still pregnant w/ her love child Egypt. She's beautiful as hell, not much of a couture model tho.

What's My Name?

Love love loveeee this video!! They are so fucking cute together its not even funny. I really like the fact that Rihanna works with different directors. It gives a new fresh feel while showing a different side of Rihanna. All directors have their own way of getting the best they can out of you. This song jumped from #60 to #1 this week, which is actually quite amazing. That Rihanna reign just won't let up!

LOUD Promo Pics

These are by far my favorite Rihanna pics! The photographer did a good job of showing off the suddenness of her beauty. It elegantly displays her as she is, "the only girl in the world".

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Art of Kinetik Yacht

This may be thee most amazing water vessel I've seen in my life. Its 63 feet long. solid mahogany hull & Rolls Royce water jets combine to deliver an unusually smooth ride even at the top speed of 40 knots. Naturally, aesthetics is in every detail: no screws are visible at any point & nor is any plastic. Rich nigga shit!! LOL

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ride My Bike.


Miu Miu

Japan Vogue Loves Them Some Alessandra Ambrosio

She's either been on the cover or editorial for the last three months. Work it mama!


I've said it before & I will say it again, Kanye West is a fucking genius. This short film was a direct example of how this man is a true artist in all aspects. I'm sure a lot of people weren't expecting this film to be as symbolic & metaphorical as it was (I sure wasn't). As a quick overview for those who haven't seen it yet, Runaway is a short story about a man named Griffin who falls in love with this alien bird women who is played by Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks. The relationship is ill-fated & short lived due to the fact that the world cannot take Selita's uniqueness; the beautiful creature is discriminated against for her curious behavior & abstract features. The entire 35 minute film is dialogue by Kanye's new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

One of my favorite scene's is one of the first (about 90 seconds i
n), when Ye is driving down the picturesque country road in a sleek sports car as the film's first song begins, which features lyrics like, "Too many Urkels on your team/ That's why your wins low," a line he dropped during his BET cypher. Suddenly, the MTX Tatra Yeezy's driving crashes, and when he gets out to inspect the damage, he finds a phoenix lying in the road. There are only a few words actually spoken throughout the whole film. The first line was said in the next scene in which Selita awakes in Yeezy's living room. She looks at the TV & he says to her, "First rule in this world, baby, don't pay attention to anything you see in the news."

As the story persists on, as the odd couple comes together through music & Selita uncovers the wonders of this new world. In the following scene, the phoenix stumbles through a lesson on dining etiquette, clumsily practicing how to sip from a teacup with her long gilded talons. The two attend a dinner party & are seated at a large banquet table with several cocoa-skinned diners dressed in white; they shoot disapproving glares at the duo. The phoenix has dressed up her look with a gilded headpiece but disgusts her fellow diners with her inelegant table manners. West seems amused by the scene until the guest next to him strikes up an unsettling conversation. The man leans in, saying, "Your girlfriend is really beautiful," and West replies proudly, "Thank you." "Do you know she's a bird?" the guest queries. "Naw, I never noticed that," Yeezy deadpans, looking pained.

As Kanye stated in a interview after the film was released, he said that every women he has ever loved, including his mother, should feel represented in this film. I believe this scene is an obvious depiction of Amber Rose. Think about it: through out their whole relationship, those exact words were all the media had to say about Amber. "Hey Kanye, your new girlfriend is absolutely breathtaking. Did you know she's a ho tho? Like literally dog she use to work the pole." Ah, yes obviously nigga he's very aware she's a ho! He probably found her on a video set or something of that nature.

In conclusion the film "Runaway" foreshadows the cycle of life, death, and rebirth that is thrusting us towards spiritual evolution. I'm sure that since this film is attached to the album, the track list will have similar themes of recognizing evil, burning it away, being reborn in a new light, & lastly repeating the cycle all over again. Kanye's life exemplifies the Phoenix, & I believe we can always count on Yeezy to shine beautifully, burn beautifully, & be reborn beautifully. We've seen it done during 'College Dropout', '808s & Heartbreak', & most recently this past year from Taylor Swift to 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'! This is why I respect Kanye West, because he burns willingly for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Make sure you pre-order the album, I'm very excited to hear the whole thing, especially All of the Lights which will definitely be an anthem (the song being played during the fireworks/ Michael Jackson parade) - LOVE!