Sunday, October 18, 2009

Up All Night..

So my weekend started off in a jungle, then ended in one. I haven't been out this much in a while. Too much fun! Kicked it off w/ my love Tara. We party hopped.

Took about 10 steps in.. Looked down, then turned right around. They had us so twisted w/ all that nasty foam!!
Next night the homies Sean & Mike had a gig at the Roxy. They rocked that shit!!
Sean, Gumbo & I. Someone frazzled me by touching my feet. Silly bitches.

She so deserved it. Thirsty ass. She was tryna get zeeky! LOL
The aftermath. 4 bottles of Grey Goose & 3 bottle of Moet KILT!!!

So after the wild night of shenanigans, decided to do something adventurous. The Zoo!! Random, yes I know. But I had so much fun! Saw lots of interesting furry creatures. & an elephant names Stella. She worked for veggies.

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