Monday, September 28, 2009


I really don't care how late I am, but I have a new obsession with Balenciaga. I just bought one of his dresses yesterday (will post of pic in it soon!). I did a little research on it, & thank God for Dutch designer Josephus Melchior Thimister & Nicolas Ghesquiere who transformed and brought the line into the elite high fashion status that it is today. They are most known for their handbags and shoes (which are to die for!) I love that its couture but its ready to wear at the same time. Here are some of my fav pieces from the past collections..

The Come Up .

I feel that anyone hating on Amber Rose is just insecure about their life. What does anyone really know about her except for that she's a freak & doesn't give a fuck. About anything. There is no denying that she is a fashionista. & beautiful! Do you know a bitch that can pull off a blonde buzz cut & still look amazing? Didn't think so! Kanye's own personal robot (at least that is the way it is presented.). Girl has definitely made the right decisions in her life to get her where she wants. All I can say is PUSSY POWER :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Men, don't do it.

Okay one of my great pet pev's is chest hair. Yes I know its natural & all.. But nobody wanna see that shit. Us women shave/wax our legs & vagina's don't we? Okay then you need to do something about that nasty ass taco meat. & especially if your wearing a v-neck tee!

No Harry Potter, NO!!

This shit is not sexy.

I just wanna rip this shit off his chest!

Japan's Sept. issue of Vogue w/ Lady Gaga on the Cover.

Very artistic!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last days of summer.

I love living in LA! Never could I just randomly go to a nice beach because I was bored back in the bay. & its nice having friends who are always down for a mission. These were taking a few days before one of my best friends left me for China. For a whole year! She's studying abroad in Shanghai. I miss you Alexzi!!!

My friends are hotter than yoursssss

Sunset in Venice

Did I mention I love Obama?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alexander Wang Fashion Week Spring 2010


Sidewalk Chalk Guy

Is it just me or are these pieces amazinggggggg. I got vertigo the first time I looked at them.

2009 MTV VMA's

This year's Video Music Awards were... Lets just say ridiculous. But amazing at the same time.

Who the FUCK told Lil Mama that she had the right to get up stage?! Not only will she never come close to the talent abilities of Jay OR Alicia Keys, but bitch your not even in the song. FAIL

LADY GAGA. Nuff said. Art or just pure nonsense?!?

Kanye fucked up. Like big time. I don't think he knew how much trouble this was going to cause him. Half of Hollywood has turned on him. The other half still support him but don't wanna say such because the majority of the white population (& all of Taylor Swifts fans) are trying to really fuck up his career! Its okay Yeezy, this too shall pass.

THIS nigga. Well at least he shared him Heem..

Beyonce did the very classy & media friendly thing to do by letting Taylor finish her speech.