Friday, October 23, 2009

Top Five Influential Women in Fashion of 2009

I decided to put together a list of women who I believe have made the most impact on the fashion scene this year. I wanted to make a top 10, but I had a hard time thinking of anymore (so their may be more added later). In some way or another, they have created the trends we see in society today. All of them display bold tendencies & creativity.
In no particular order!

I love love love this women!! For those who aren't familiar w/ her she's a London based disigner. She use to be the creative director of Chloe & also worked for Gucci. Now, she just runs her own label. Her Spring collection for 2010 was amazing might I add.
This is thee Miss Anna Dello Russo. She's creative director for Vogue Nippon (Japan) /
full time fashionista. Trend Settter! Litteraly. She's exposed a lot of new amazing
designers in the magazine.
Yes, it is true. Chanel Iman is thee new Tyra Banks. She's so beautiful!! & being only 19, I doubt she's even anywhere near her prime. I'm soooo glad she dumbed Tyga thought. She came into my job the other day w/ her new bf. He's tall light skin & hansome! I expect everyone will be seeing a lot more of her for many years to come.
The name is Emmanuelle Alt. She is the Fashion Director of Paris Vogue. Trend setter. Big thangs poppin!
Rihanna has offically stepped up her game. We (those who have been watching) has watching this little island girl turn into a fashionista/icon. Deffinition of a bad bitch!
Lady Gaga is the new Madonna. Somehow this woman has transformed herself into a pop icon & she's only dropped one major album. She's crazy, unpredictable, & out of control. She makes a statement every time she steps out. I know there's thousands of bitches that wanna do what she does but just don't have the balls! No one could walk down the street in that shit. She's a walking piece of art. & she designs a lot of her own outfits. Loves it!!
If you have ever seen The Devil Wears Prada, well this is Miranda. No literally that character is based off her her. One of her old personal assistants wrote the script. Anna had been editor-in-cheif of Vogue since 1988. If there is a deffinition of a fashion icon, she is it. Vogue is the powerful magazine it is today because of her. I read an article about her a few years ago talking about how she went missing/ran away for a week w/ Bob Marley. Random !!! LMAO

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