Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stiletto Stoners .

So while I was picking up my fav magazines (Nylon, Vogue, & Missbehave) & I had this overwhelming urge to grab the Marie Claire as well. As I was reading I came across this really interesting artcle in there that I would like to speak on myself. Stiletto Stoners. This article goes into depth about high profile professional women who like prefer to hit the blunt insead of getting drunk after work. It goes on to talk about how many women making 5 to 6 digits, working 10 or more hour days, come home, take off the Christian Louboutins, grab the zig zags & relax from a hard day. I give props to whoever suggested/wrote this article. Fucking genuis! It shows that just because you like to get high after your done working hard doesn't mean your a pot head. They aren't getting & staying high all the time; they're using it as a reward. No one says anything to all the people who go to bars everyday after work. Alchohol is more accepted in thie country even though it does more damage than dro. If a women is doing what she got to do (and doing it well might I add) then there is no problem with a little herb. I vote yes on a blunt over a bottle!

& this goes to show that not all stoners are fat and lazy. Even though I do smoke regularly, I do not consider it to be a problem because I get my shit done. I am a full time student & I work very hard to get the good grades I get. I love it when girly girls smoke. How could you not appreciate someone passing you the bong w/ perfectly manicured nails. When the average person thinks of a stoner they think of some who stays at 7/11 getting junk food, extremely lazy, & plays video games. Myself personally, when I get the munchies I go for the healthy snacks like dried fruit, salad, sushi, ect. Not only that but smoking doesn't even really effect my workouts. I don't know how many times I've come home from the gym and rolled me a joint before bed (after homework of course!). I've been using dro as a reward after I get all of my school shit handled for some time now & I have had no problems. Except for a little loss of memory lol. Not only that, but its cheaper that achohol! In society today, young people smoke like there is no tomarrow. Like there fucking objective is to get as high as humanly possible. Thats not the bizz. Since I'm a girl it doesnt take a lot to get me where I wanna be. So like a dub sac or less a week is all it takes! I enjoy that when I'm high I have the "I don't give a fuck" mentality. Thats why people get high, so they don't have to worry. I like smoking & reading. Or listening to music. Something that allows me to clear my head.

the beach is very calming.

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