Friday, December 11, 2009

Infidelity .

The last couple of days I've been deep in thought about life, love, & relationships. Through my experience & stories friends have told me, monogamy seems to be dead. Several examples have proven to me that people (mostly men) do not try nor want to be be in faithful relationships anymore. This is why the whole Tiger Woods thing didn't surprise me. I think the reason why everyone was so shocked was because his image portrays him to be a honest role model. In reality, he's still a man. Half a nigga at that. It was just a prime example that no matter how much money you have, no matter how beautiful your wife is niggas are empty inside. I mean, look at Eric Benet! He had the most beautiful women by his side. But nooooo. He had to go & sleep w/ a bunch of sluts.

Especially men who are athletes or famous entertainers. I feel like it should be a no brainer that NONE OF THEM can be loyal. Not every single one, b/c there are always exceptions to the rule, but most of them. They constantly have promiscuous women throwing themselves at them. & the truth is, most men aren't strong enough to just say no. I have so many male friends who I know for a fact have never been in a real committed relationship with just one lover. It may have started out that way, but eventually they always slip. It saddens me to know this, but its the truth. By knowing this, I believe it has changed my perception of the standards of todays relationships. I feel that every women should be honest with themselves about this in order to protect their feelings.

The part that makes me so angry is these dumb ass hoes who contribute to this problem. Why the fuck would any women knowingly fuck w/ a married man?! Bitch he is not about to leave her for you. The only person who is getting hurt in this situation is you! This also applies to regular relationships. If he is doing this shady shit to the girl that he is with now, then he will DEFINITELY do the exact same thing to you. There are no special cases in this situation.

What always gets me are the good guys. The ones you would never expect to do it. I've had the opportunity to ask some of my male friends why they would cheat if they love they girl who makes them happy, & they all say the exact same thing. It usually is:

-the stupid bitch was cashin them out
-an opportunity presented themselves & they were being spontaneous,
-they just don't know

These are just a few, but there are dozens of reasons why someone would cheat. Almost all of them usually involve sex, since men are simple/single minded & that's usually all they want from a girl they don't really care about. It makes sense if a spouse is to stray away if they aren't happy. That should be expected. However if you have a strong relationship already I feel that these reasons shouldn't be enough to destroy something great. I think a huge part of it is miscommunication, In any relationship, including friendships, communication is key. If you want or need something you must ask for it. If you are not happy, then you need to find a way to change it. Unfortunately, most of the time instead of confronting the problem most men just run away & try & ignore it. I'm not trying to make it seem as if all men are dogs & aren't worth shit, but the majority of them are. Actually, damn near all of them are. But with all this said & all these facts known, nothing is going to change. Can't live w/ them, & can't live w/o them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Wait Is Ova .

Finally!! I've been on the search all season for the perfect pair of over-the-knee or thigh high boots. I think I may have found my lucky pair. It's so hard to to manage/feed my need for fashion while being on a college student budget. & these Jeffery Cambell's are steal, less than $200. Now I just need to find them in a store in LA (there is no point of ordering them off line, b/c when they get here & don't fit i'll be hella mad.) ! Ugh.

Time To Hit The Slopes !

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Like Fire & Ice SNL

This is actually a very funny skit. Shy Ronnie (aka Andy Samberg) & Rihanna. If you don't know who Andy Samberg is, then step yo damn game up! He's hilarious & I love him. He's been doing SNL for a while now, & he had the group The Lonely Island. Plus he stared in Hot Rod. PLUS he's from Berkeley!! Yee Yee lol.

Muse Magazine

Lindsay Lohan is falling the fuck off. Its pretty clear the bitch is on crack. Okay maybe not crack, but definitely a collection of drugs + alchy. This shoot was suppose to be a depict of Kate Moss & Jonny Depps relationship in the 90s. All I have to say is, why are you always trying to be someone else?!? She's done like three photoshoots portraying Marilyn Monroe & one as a vintage Madonna. Are you really that unconformable in your skin that you must try & be like someone else? I actually feel kinda bad for her b/c this is a prime example of what can happen to child stars who are not guided the right way. In a sense you can't blame her, I mean look at what happen to Brittany Spears. Not everyone is build to handle the craziness of being a celebrity. Her dad is so out of pocket for leaking those phone conversations thought. Just making a bad situation worse. Now, this shit! Bitch what are you doing?!?! Do you not care that you are only adding fuel to the fire by taking these slutty ass photographs? 3somes?! I can see yo damn titty!! I'm so done.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Noir Et Nuit

I'm In Love.

Like every other teenage girl in the world, I have fallen under the spell of Taylor Lautner. I plan on waiting a few more years for him to mature (he's only 17) & for him to get over this fling w/ Taylor Swift, then I'm taking him. I only saw Twilight for him, & I must say it was very well worth it :). Here's the pics from the new issue of Rolling Stone. Isn't he so deamy?!?! *sigh*

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Your Watching the Diary of A Hollywood Douchebag

These are my homies Bob & Joe. This is the music video for the theme song of their upcoming reality show (DOAHD). Think Sexy Ladies by Ray J for his show For the Love of Ray J, except for funny, not gay, & way better quality. Look out for these fools though real talk this show is about to be hilarious! Season 1 coming sometime in early 2010.

Rated R

I am a proud Rihanna groupie. She is a bad ass bitch & no on can say anything different! Her 4th album , Rated R, just dropped yesturday & I personally think this shit slaps!!! She took a totally different approach this time. Like it sounds completely different from anything she has ever done before, ever. Not only has her voice matured & improved, but she also switched her style up. In this album she's cocky, sexy, & bold as hell. My favorite song on the cd is G4L. It's pretty much a girl version of Down For My Niggas by C-Murder ft. Mystical & Snoop Dogg (way old school, so if your not up on game then your missing out! lol) . I also like Photographs, Mad House, Wait Your Turn, Hard, & Rockstar 101 (which has Slash on the guitar fyi). I can't believe that this once little innocent island girl said muthafucka, bitch, shit, & nigga all in one song. I know its not that serious, but compared to the material she's done in the past this is a huge change. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I dig it. I'd give the album a solid B, cause there are a few songs I don't fuck with. She co-wrote about 8 of the 13 songs on the album, & you can really tell that the lyrics are a lot more personal. Guess it is true; once a good girl goes bad, she gone forever! ;)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

This years Victoria's Secret fashion show looks amazing, as usual! The theme was sci-fi & is comprised of six sections: Magical Journey, All Aboard, Pink Planet, Enchanted Forest, Romantic Journey, and Star Trooper. Costume designer, Alexander Koutny, said he whis inspiration was his mother who is a "closet Trekkie." (aka Star Trak groupie). The show taped two days ago in New York & airs December 1st on CBS. Can't wait to see!

Heidi Klum was the host, & also strutted her stuff down the runway. Mind you she just gave birth LAST MONTH. Deffinition of a top model. Loves her!!!