Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ride My Bike.


Miu Miu

Japan Vogue Loves Them Some Alessandra Ambrosio

She's either been on the cover or editorial for the last three months. Work it mama!


I've said it before & I will say it again, Kanye West is a fucking genius. This short film was a direct example of how this man is a true artist in all aspects. I'm sure a lot of people weren't expecting this film to be as symbolic & metaphorical as it was (I sure wasn't). As a quick overview for those who haven't seen it yet, Runaway is a short story about a man named Griffin who falls in love with this alien bird women who is played by Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks. The relationship is ill-fated & short lived due to the fact that the world cannot take Selita's uniqueness; the beautiful creature is discriminated against for her curious behavior & abstract features. The entire 35 minute film is dialogue by Kanye's new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

One of my favorite scene's is one of the first (about 90 seconds i
n), when Ye is driving down the picturesque country road in a sleek sports car as the film's first song begins, which features lyrics like, "Too many Urkels on your team/ That's why your wins low," a line he dropped during his BET cypher. Suddenly, the MTX Tatra Yeezy's driving crashes, and when he gets out to inspect the damage, he finds a phoenix lying in the road. There are only a few words actually spoken throughout the whole film. The first line was said in the next scene in which Selita awakes in Yeezy's living room. She looks at the TV & he says to her, "First rule in this world, baby, don't pay attention to anything you see in the news."

As the story persists on, as the odd couple comes together through music & Selita uncovers the wonders of this new world. In the following scene, the phoenix stumbles through a lesson on dining etiquette, clumsily practicing how to sip from a teacup with her long gilded talons. The two attend a dinner party & are seated at a large banquet table with several cocoa-skinned diners dressed in white; they shoot disapproving glares at the duo. The phoenix has dressed up her look with a gilded headpiece but disgusts her fellow diners with her inelegant table manners. West seems amused by the scene until the guest next to him strikes up an unsettling conversation. The man leans in, saying, "Your girlfriend is really beautiful," and West replies proudly, "Thank you." "Do you know she's a bird?" the guest queries. "Naw, I never noticed that," Yeezy deadpans, looking pained.

As Kanye stated in a interview after the film was released, he said that every women he has ever loved, including his mother, should feel represented in this film. I believe this scene is an obvious depiction of Amber Rose. Think about it: through out their whole relationship, those exact words were all the media had to say about Amber. "Hey Kanye, your new girlfriend is absolutely breathtaking. Did you know she's a ho tho? Like literally dog she use to work the pole." Ah, yes obviously nigga he's very aware she's a ho! He probably found her on a video set or something of that nature.

In conclusion the film "Runaway" foreshadows the cycle of life, death, and rebirth that is thrusting us towards spiritual evolution. I'm sure that since this film is attached to the album, the track list will have similar themes of recognizing evil, burning it away, being reborn in a new light, & lastly repeating the cycle all over again. Kanye's life exemplifies the Phoenix, & I believe we can always count on Yeezy to shine beautifully, burn beautifully, & be reborn beautifully. We've seen it done during 'College Dropout', '808s & Heartbreak', & most recently this past year from Taylor Swift to 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'! This is why I respect Kanye West, because he burns willingly for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Make sure you pre-order the album, I'm very excited to hear the whole thing, especially All of the Lights which will definitely be an anthem (the song being played during the fireworks/ Michael Jackson parade) - LOVE!

Magazine Editor Swag.

This women is a inspiration to all aspiring fashionistas & writers alike (such as myself). She is Editor At Large, creative consultant for Vogue Japan, overall HBIC & my role model. Here is a pic took of her while she was getting ready for the Masqurade Ball celebrating Vogue Paris' 90th anniversary. Below is her looking fabolous on the new cover on 10 magazine.

"Future Meets Future"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Whip My Hair

Mark my words, Willow Smith is a star in the making. She is only nine years old & has a hit song on the Billboard charts. Not only that, but Jay-Z signed her. That may have been the smartest investment EVERRR. I love her! This song is hella cute & age appropriate. Not to mention a perfect gym song lol. & on top of everything this video is fucking amazing!! It was everything I hoped for & more. Peep the nail game! She was whippin the hell out of her hair. Mark my words she's about to give Rihanna & Beyonce a run for their money! Awww Will & Jada must be so proud!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aston Martin Music

There's not really much to say.. This song SLAPS. Sure wish Drake woulda had an actual verse tho.. Arggg

Oh Mikey..

This is cute.. Shot mostly in Venice & Santa Monica. I would appreciated if Mike woulda got a sexier maybe more exotic video girl *cough cough*. I won't say more tho lol. Neverless the song is super cute & I support my friends & good music :) Watch Please Don't Go.

Erase Me- Kid Cudi

Love this song. Its super relatable, I've definitely felt this way before. Cudi channels Jimi Hendrix in video for w/ Kanye West. This song is a single off of his new album Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager.

G.O.O.D Music Cypher

My homie Sean killed this shit!! I didn't watch the Hip Hop Awards because I in no way support BET, I beieve its a horrible excuse for a "black entertainment network". However when I heard my bro was gonna be on it I had to watch a few clips! He shut this shit down!! Kanye did okay, & the others aren't really irrelevant. So proud of you dude keep it goin!! Everyone be on the lookout for his debut album Finally Famous coming to an itunes/stores near you soon. He let me listen to a few songs & that shit is FIRE. Check it out below:

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Explore international webcam videos.

Only Girl In The World

This song took me a while to get use to.. I wasn't sure about it at first, but now I love it. The video is very simple but effective. The color contrasting in the video does her fiery hair justice. Its super girly & flirty which I'm all about. I think its cool how Rihanna is always reinventing herself. That's how you stay on top. In a interview when asked abut the video she said:

"It’s really, really beautiful shot in these crazy, crazy, crazy places. We shot landscapes that we found a couple hours outside of L.A. It looks so unreal. It looks fake, like something out of a postcard with the beautiful hills….The video just shows this big landscape and the only person there is me. Nobody else [is] in the video. Except a lot of f–kin’ bugs and s–t like that. There were a couple of snakes. Ugh! It was so creepy but it was so good. It was so worth it in the end."

Even how unrealistic is it, every girl just wants to feel like the only girl in the world.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So Much For An Prestigious Education..

A Duke student's risque PowerPoint has firmly implanted itself in the annals of legendary Internet stories for generations to come. Karen Owen, a 2010 Duke grad, composed an in-depth, thesis-like FOURTY page paper titled "An Education Beyond The Classroom: Excelling In The Realm Of Horizontal Academics,". Even though she wrote it back in May, its just now making its way world-wide. In the report, she describes the men she's slept with in near-scientific detail & even provides graph charts ranking their sexual abilities. She sent the "presentation"to a few friends after she wrote it, & of course from there, they sent it to a friend who sent it to a friend which eventually ended up on a fraternity list & then making its way to the media. Of course she's saying that she didn't mean for it to go viral, but as a college student one should know that once you press send, you have no control over that document anymore. It's like a chain letter, who the hell knows where it'll end up. I personally think it's hilarious. She had sex w/ 13 athlete's & not only bluntly but articulately aired them all out. I just don't understand how she had time to make this while also trying to finish up a degree. Like don't you have an actual thesis to complete?! I wonder what she majored in.. Mike, you better be lucky you weren't apart of this list! LOL.. Check out the full story below.

She Really Can't Be Tamed..

This young women sure does know how to cause controversy. The other day Miley Cyrus released her new video for her single "Who Owns My Heart" (which sucks btw). Immediately, Tim Winter, who serves as president of the Parents Television Council, told TMZ that the "Hannah Montana" star's sexed-up clip relays the wrong message to her teen following. "It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one," Winter said. "It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point. Miley built her fame & fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, & it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly."

This isn't the first time the tiny bopper has faced controversy in her attempts to break away from her squeaky-clean, teen idol status. Her pole-dancing move at the at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards disturbed everyone (including me I believe I blogged about it) then she came out with Can't Be Tamed, features a much more vampy persona than her "Hannah Montana" alter ego.

Its completely understandable that she's trying to shed her Hannah Montana image. The show is about to end & she's 17 meaning she thinks she's 21. This is her coming of age time & she wants to be seen as a women, not the little girl everyone has come to visualize her as. Where I think she's going wrong is doing it all at once. She are an idol to millions of little girls & instead of just being like BAM I'm grown try to ease into it. It obviously is overwhelming to her viewers. Regardless, in a year she'll be 18 & no one will be able to say shit. Please lord don't let her be another Britney Spears! Watch the "sexy" video below.

Kim Kardashian Is Thee Biggest Hypocrite EVER.

For someone to be so regretful about posing nude for Playboy a few years back (& then blaming it on her mom saying she pressured her to do it) this bitch was sure quick to bare it all again for "art". Here she is w/ her fake ass on the cover of the new W magazine's art issue. I have no idea how just plain silver paint on a grey backdrop is art, but okay. Do you boo. Lol...

Rosario Dawson Lookin Hawt As Shit In German GQ

Oh how I've missed this lovely lady. Rosario has an incredible body & I'm sure her male fans in Germany are in heaven right now. The 31-year-old actress, who has been somewhat MIA of recent, will next appear alongside Denzel Washington & Chris Pine in the thriller Unstoppable, set to be released November.