Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Your Watching the Diary of A Hollywood Douchebag

These are my homies Bob & Joe. This is the music video for the theme song of their upcoming reality show (DOAHD). Think Sexy Ladies by Ray J for his show For the Love of Ray J, except for funny, not gay, & way better quality. Look out for these fools though real talk this show is about to be hilarious! Season 1 coming sometime in early 2010.

Rated R

I am a proud Rihanna groupie. She is a bad ass bitch & no on can say anything different! Her 4th album , Rated R, just dropped yesturday & I personally think this shit slaps!!! She took a totally different approach this time. Like it sounds completely different from anything she has ever done before, ever. Not only has her voice matured & improved, but she also switched her style up. In this album she's cocky, sexy, & bold as hell. My favorite song on the cd is G4L. It's pretty much a girl version of Down For My Niggas by C-Murder ft. Mystical & Snoop Dogg (way old school, so if your not up on game then your missing out! lol) . I also like Photographs, Mad House, Wait Your Turn, Hard, & Rockstar 101 (which has Slash on the guitar fyi). I can't believe that this once little innocent island girl said muthafucka, bitch, shit, & nigga all in one song. I know its not that serious, but compared to the material she's done in the past this is a huge change. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I dig it. I'd give the album a solid B, cause there are a few songs I don't fuck with. She co-wrote about 8 of the 13 songs on the album, & you can really tell that the lyrics are a lot more personal. Guess it is true; once a good girl goes bad, she gone forever! ;)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

This years Victoria's Secret fashion show looks amazing, as usual! The theme was sci-fi & is comprised of six sections: Magical Journey, All Aboard, Pink Planet, Enchanted Forest, Romantic Journey, and Star Trooper. Costume designer, Alexander Koutny, said he whis inspiration was his mother who is a "closet Trekkie." (aka Star Trak groupie). The show taped two days ago in New York & airs December 1st on CBS. Can't wait to see!

Heidi Klum was the host, & also strutted her stuff down the runway. Mind you she just gave birth LAST MONTH. Deffinition of a top model. Loves her!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker in Dec Issue of Elle

D Mode Magazine Tribal Shoot.

I wasn't sure if this should be considered black face, since these models are obviously asian. It would have been great (as well as beautiful) if they would have actually picked black women to do the shoot, but I'm just gonna take it as artistic expression. Guess this whole movement it jus gonna have to grow on me. 50 years ago & this would have never been possible!!! Dope pics.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Heart My Friends..

on some real shit though, i love & value the hell outta my friends. I was going through my iphoto & saw so many photos that just brought back so many happy memories. these few pics are priceless to me b/c it reminds me that i am loved. :) Berkeley, Ca will ALWAYS be my home. (& please don't be offended if your not in any of these pics, i just chose a few to post.) Good thing I got Tara & Alexzi (not right now, but usually lol) to hold the ford down w/ me in LA. kisses to my bitches!!!!

This was the first pic we all took together. AWWWW

My Poor, Poor Black Men.. (Free These Niggas FAST)

Lately it seems that every influential hood nigga these days is getting locked up. Lil Boosie bouta go , Gucci Man gone, Lil Wayne bouta go, T.I still gone, & Kanye just fuckin up. WHY?!?! Its like these judges see that theses black men are making an impact on the world so they said "fuck what you going thru nigga" & throw them in jail! Like I feel like there is a conspiracy going on. Poor Boosie. Like four years wasn't even necessary. For violating house arrest?!?! Its like they were just waiting for him to fuck up so they could go bad. These niggas got kids to feed & fans to entertain man. & don't get me started on Gucci. This nigga went to court & never came out!! Like how fucked up is that. & what makes the situation even worse is that he was in the peak of his career right now. He's finally gone mainstream (making songs w/ The Game, Mariah Carey & whatnot), nigga has a album bouta drop in a few weeks, he was touring like crazy, & now it has all been put on hold for a whole year. & is it just me or has T.I been away for a min now? I haven't been paying attention to his sentence time, but I feel like he shoulda been out by now. The game NEEDS T.I. I love that lil scrawny nigga. W/ his ugly ass baby momma. Anyway, now on to Lil Wayne. This one the world should have seen coming. Living the way that he does, eventually something is going to have to catch up to you. All I hope is that they don't make him cut his dreads. That would be so horrible!! Not only would he be even uglier, but his head would be cold too. Thats like a good five extra lbs on his head keeping his little ass warm! Lol. & lastly, Kanye isn't going to jail but he's pretty much on celebrity probation right now. Only person who has really been holding him down since that whole Taylor Swift thing is Jay-Z. Word on the street is he's in the lab making a new album (hopefully this one won't be so depressing, even though 808s & Heartbreak was pure SLAPPAGE.) I feel that when he does come back everything is gonna be alright, but a for now there are still a lot of white folk a little pissed off at him. Overall, what I'm trying to covey here is that all of these influential black figures are still getting treated like real niggas. Maybe it is as hard as they say to be a black man in America. All I know is, the music game is gonna go through some interesting changes over the next few years. Hopefully something magical will happen....

Tisk Tisk. I catch myself doin the Kanye shrug sometimes. Lol
Yeahhhh.... She's very, interesting looking.

Can't even lie tho. I love me some Boosie Bad Azz !

Unbeweaveable !

Ever since I saw the movie Good Hair, (which was a very good/interesting movie that every black women should see), I have been paying attention to all the of the weaves in the world. I'm not trying to criticize those who wear them b/c I have many friends who look gorgeous in them, but the subject is just very foreign to me. In the movie, Chris Rock investigated the phenomenon. Weave is like crack. Once you start, you almost never stop. Women are paying $1000 almost every month to get that good Indian shit. It crazy to me how in India they willingly sacrifice their hair in a spiritual ceremony for the free & the shit gets sold over here for racks. Only if they knew how valuable the stuff on top of their head was! Since watching the movie I notice them everywhere now. & not just black women. White, Asian, Armenian, every damn body! Personally, if I was going to wear a weave, I'd get one like Lauren London. This whole time I thought that shit was real until I saw her talking about it in Good Hair. I understand if your bald headed, but if you already have some then why buy it? I'm guessing for thickness? I'm not even hating tho. Get it how you live it boo boo (Katt Williams voice). All I know is if all my ambition goes out the window, I'm definitely gonna get into the weave business. Its like a legal drug that had no rehab. Here are some examples..

See isn't it so pretty!

I believe this is what they call a lace front..

Britney, get it together my dear.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Only Lady Gaga..

I want to know who thought of the concept for this video. It may be thee most bizarre thing I've seen all year. Seriously!! Psychotic. If anyone would attempt to wear those crazy ass Alexander McQueen killer stilettos (I did a post on then last month), I knew it would be her.
Watch & be amazed/disturbed/confused.

Real Nigga Shit.

This some ol bullshit. Why is Katt Williams stealing??? He's making black people look bad. I mean, it is Katt Williams. I expect him to do some real nigga shit, but burglary?! Seriously? I'm sure its just a misunderstanding, but still. I know there's gonna be a hilarious skit in result of this nonsense. Stay strong my brotha, stay strong. LOL

I Don't Care What No One Has To Say...

As everyone knows, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Rihanna (as usual). Recently she finally decided to speak out on the Chris Brown situation on 20/20. A lot of people have been bashing & criticizing her for making Chris Brown look hella bad in front of the whole world. In the interview, she stated that she never hit him. Pretty much she made it seem like she didn't provoke him at all & she's the innocent victim in the situation. I personally believe that this may not be the complete truth, but it doesn't change the fact of what he did. Did anyone see his face battered & bruised? No? Any bleeding? No? Even if she did hit him back, he is a man. No man should EVER put hands on a women, especially not the way he did. I just think everyone is attacking her for doing what she needed to do. Eventually, something had to been said. & yes it was very smart of her PR people to do it right before he album drops, but hey that's how the entertainment industry works. You gotta think about it as if you were in her shoes. What would have you done? & while people are talking hell shit no one is mentioning the fact that after that interview the Nation Domestic Violence Hotline calls went up 59%. She has encouraged battered women to come out of hidding & seek help. This shit is a serious problem. Today, one in every 3 (or 5 I don't remember exactly) young women in a relationship today are being domestically abused. Regardless of all the haters, I still love Rihanna to death. Last night she received the Women of the Year award. Hi hatersssss

He Did It !

Obama constantly proves how amazing & powerful he is. To the surprise of most Americans, Obama's health care reform passed on Saturday night. Many people were skeptical & did not support this bill. The majority of them (I'm just guessing) prolly aren't use to having health care, do not know the importance of it, or think it will harm our economy even more. I am so proud that a president is really putting effort toward trying to rebuild the health care system in America. It is much needed. In the long run, this will be extremely beneficial for the country & its prosperity. The greater good for everyone. Especially in this day in age, health care is crucial. It should be mandatory everyone should have the option of seeing a doctor if needed! I feel like that's one of the basic needs in life.