Friday, June 11, 2010

Slut In Training .

Even though she doesn't believe so, Miley is on the track to becoming the next child star disaster. In her recent shows, she's been goin IN. Mind you she just turned 17. With her new single "Can't Be Tamed" Miley has been flashing & parading her goodies all over the world. In a recent interview, she said:

"If I'm ever seen out dancing at a club having fun, I don’t want people to immediately go, 'Oh, she's on drugs, she's drunk. I'm never going to be that person. As long as I steer clear of that and keep that mind frame, I think I'll be cool. I'm not gonna be like, 'I'll never have a drink in my entire life,' because that’s probably going to be a lie. There's a right way to do so — everything is good in small portions."

Righttttt I coulda swore Lindsey Lohan said the same thing a few years ago & look at her now! Shit just doesn't add up. Se says she still a virgin, but she changes boyfriends like she does undies. Her last one even lived in her house with her!!! I just really hope she realizes that she has millions of little girls all over the world looking up to her. Yes, it is understandable that after so long she wants to shed the Hannah Montana image, but it will never fully go away. Just like Harry Potter. No one will ever look at Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, or Rupert Grint & not see Harry, Hermione & Ron. Who knows what'll happen next!

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Rihanna in Elle .

The Smith Empire.

One family that I genuinely admire is the Smith Family. This beautiful clan consists of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, & their three adorable children Jaden (age 12), Willow (age 11) & Trey, 18. The whole family went on The Oprah Show recently & I was very touched as well as inspired by their interview. This is the kind of family I want to create. Will & Jada are such intellectual and strong individuals, so it isn't surprising that they have come together & formed such a powerful force. They are the prime example of what a loving & successful marriage is (twelve years strong so far). I was very surprised how open & insightful they were on to Oprah, she got some good stuff!

On The Family Business
Will & Jada say they created what they call a marriage business plan early on. "If you don't have a purpose for your relationship, if you don't have a place that you're going, something that you want to accomplish, something that you want to do, you can really get lost in the murk of the journey," Will says. "There has to be a vision. Like, why are we together?" Jada says. "I had my vision and he had his, so we had to join it," she says. "Once we started to see how the children were growing and, you know, Willow & Jaden & Trey were becoming their own beings we decided, 'Okay, we want to make a family business. How do we incorporate all the talent that we have in this family?' So that's our vision—to create a place where their dreams can come true as well." The adults in this family all agree that the goal for the children is for them to be their best selves. "I just want them to live in service to greatness. I want them to live and to create in a way that when people see it, people are inspired and people become better just by having contact with their excellence," Will says. The trick, however, is letting the children define their own greatness, Jada says. "We might have a vision for what we see, but at the end of the day, Jaden has to have his own vision, Willow has to have her own vision and so does Trey," she says. "So we are there to help inspire and facilitate their vision, because in order to reach the type of excellence that Will is talking about, you have to be able to reach inside yourself to find that drive. Nobody can put that drive in you, so you have to inspire the individual to find and focus on the goal that they want for themselves." I thought it was amazing how Will explained how they are teaching the kids the necessity of you adding to the family, your neighborhood, & ultimately to humanity.

The Smiths recently traveled to China for the filming of Jaden's new film, The Karate Kid. Trey couldn't go on the trip since he had football. Since they were filming for four months, Will took the 13.5-hour flight back every weekend to watch his son's football games. Now if that isn't an amazing dad, then I don't know what is! This is Jaden's first major movie & was also directed & produced by Will & Jada.

On Keeping It Hot
Jada admitted that her secret to keep the fire burning in their relationship is to keep it spontaneous. "Well is always thinking, always in his head, so I have to do the same. Shake things up" She added. Jada also admited to taking "breaks" while filming her show Hawthorne, since Will is often on the set. The most surprising piece of info she revealed to Oprah was her tendency to send him sexy pictures throughout the day to "remind hi what is waiting at home". I see you Jada, I see you! Lol.

Here are a few pictures of the family swagged the fuck out at The Karate Kid premiere earlier this week. Willow is growing up to be such a unique little lady! These children are destine for nothing but greatness. She, as well as everyone else, was styled by Mariel Haenn, Rihanna's stylist. That women has a remarkable eye for fashion. They all look stunning! Peep Widow's swag tho. Fashionista in training!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Best Lady Gaga Interview EVER.

Larry King is truly the greatest journalist of our time. He can get anything out of ANYONE. He just has this power of persuasion over everyone I swear. He also asks the best questions. Genius man. Loves him!!!

Insecure Women.

I know that it is a natural trait for women to be insecure, but we as a female race need to get it together. Many of us are insecure about a lot of things; our looks, what others think of us, our body, ect. Several women hate on others because they see them thriving or in some way a threat. Have you ever thought, that maybe you just need to step your game up? I am a firm believer that we control our own destiny. If you don't like something if your life, then change it. (Disregarding beauty & body type, we are all beautiful in our own unique way). There's already hella hoes in this world, why must us strong women turn against each other? A compliment will go a lot farther than a hateful comment. What got me thinking about this was an innocent that happen earlier this week. I was at a gathering with a few associates & some other people I jus met that day. We were playing drinking games, listening to music, eating, ect. I thought nothing of the gathering until I met up with some friends later on that day who told me that all of the females at the kick it were talking hella shit about me. Why? Because I was partners in beer pong with one of the girls boyfriend. WTF?! Bitch yall live together. Raising a child. I've met this couple on a couple of other occasions but I didn't even remember his name! How is it that a drinking game which involves zero physical contact make someone so jealous? I'm of absolutely no threat to her. I don't even find him attractive. Obviously they must have trust issues in the relationship, because the things her & her friends said were ridiculous. I'm not angry at all, but it really just got me thinking about how insecure some women are with their life and relationships. As Kanye said, "It seems we living the American dream, but the people highest up got the lowest self esteem. Some of the prettiest people do the ugliest things."

Live long & prosper. I'm just tryna spread the love man! Lol

I Don't Care What No One Has To Say...

It has finally been confirmed. After a weeks of speculation and gossip, Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz have announced that Alicia is indeed pregnant & they plan to wed. We all know that they have been seeing each other more than year as they were both collaborates in making of the Keys album and on the come back of the Whitney Houston song Million Dollar Bill. I am here to say that Alicia Keys is a HOMEWRECKER. Yes, I said it. No matter how much I love her music & admire her beauty, she broke up a marriage. Yes, it may not have been a happy one (we will never know) but she had no right to do that. He had a children with that women. I understand falling in love. It happens to everyone. But that doesn't make it right! The facts are, he filed for divorce because of her. They obviously had a relationship WHILE HE WAS STILL MARRIED. That's just plain wrong. I respect other peoples opinions, as I expect the same. But at the end of the day, Alicia Keys ended a family & started her own. Ain't that a bitch..

Oil Spills, EarthQuakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Oh MY!

I know this topic is old, but I still wanted to shed some light on it. All of these natural ( man-made) disasters are really starting to scare me. In March, a volcano In Iceland called Eyjafjallajökull erupted two times. This caused the glaciers and ice to melt at a alarming rate. It shot smoke and steam into the air and forcing hundreds of people to flee rising flood waters. The volcanic ash forced the cancellation of many flights and disrupted air traffic across northern Europe, stranding thousands of passengers. It is mostly gone now, but it got pretty intense for a second. Check the pics below..

Day 46

If you are a United States Resident, than you should already be aware of the devastating oil leak which is happening in the gulf of Mexico as we speak. One of the largest energy companies in the world, BP, suffered a catastrophic explosion on offshore drilling rig in the Gulf. It has reached the shoreline & is destroying our environment. Not only have thousands of people been affected because the fishing industry has been limited, but the wildlife are depleting at a rapid rate. Millions & millions of gallons of crude has been dispersed into the tropical water. I really don't understand how after a whole month this shit is still leaking!!! This oil spill has offically become the worst oil spill in history, surpassing the damage done by the Exxon Valdez tanker that spilled 11 million gallons of oil into the ecologically sensitive Prince William Sound in 1989. Unlike the Exxon Valdez tragedy, in which a tanker held a finite capacity of oil, BP's rig is tapped into an underwater oil well and could pump more oil into the ocean indefinitely until the leak is plugged. The saddening part about this situation is that hurricane season has just began in Florida. Meaning that its going to be storming oily water. Below is a clip I found on CNN showing that people are even still swimming in the water!!

Our amazing President Obama used this oil spill crisis to advance his alternative energy agenda on Wednesday, calling it a warning that America needs to transition away from dependence on fossil fuels. If this isn't a sign that we need to go 100% GREEN, then I don't know what is.