Monday, November 16, 2009

Unbeweaveable !

Ever since I saw the movie Good Hair, (which was a very good/interesting movie that every black women should see), I have been paying attention to all the of the weaves in the world. I'm not trying to criticize those who wear them b/c I have many friends who look gorgeous in them, but the subject is just very foreign to me. In the movie, Chris Rock investigated the phenomenon. Weave is like crack. Once you start, you almost never stop. Women are paying $1000 almost every month to get that good Indian shit. It crazy to me how in India they willingly sacrifice their hair in a spiritual ceremony for the free & the shit gets sold over here for racks. Only if they knew how valuable the stuff on top of their head was! Since watching the movie I notice them everywhere now. & not just black women. White, Asian, Armenian, every damn body! Personally, if I was going to wear a weave, I'd get one like Lauren London. This whole time I thought that shit was real until I saw her talking about it in Good Hair. I understand if your bald headed, but if you already have some then why buy it? I'm guessing for thickness? I'm not even hating tho. Get it how you live it boo boo (Katt Williams voice). All I know is if all my ambition goes out the window, I'm definitely gonna get into the weave business. Its like a legal drug that had no rehab. Here are some examples..

See isn't it so pretty!

I believe this is what they call a lace front..

Britney, get it together my dear.

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