Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween .

As we all know, Halloween was yesterday. The start of the holiday seasons! While I was carving pumpkins w/ my Little God Sister & her friends I got to thinking. Why is Halloween a holiday? Like who decided that there would be a day where people dressed up as different people, animals, & objects. "Scary" ones at that. & why are we giving out candy? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for being in the spirit & having fun, but as I've gotten older this holiday has become more & more ridiculous. Is it just me or was Halloween overly advertised this year? Fuck that shit. It's okay for children I suppose, but after like 14 it just turns to shit. I officially do not fucks w/ Halloween anymore. It went from being a genuine fun festivities to being a slut fest (shout out to all the bitches in Santa Barbara). I don't really understand why or where this event went from being about how many people you can freak out to being how much clothes (lack of actually) can I wear & get away w/ being in costume. It still amazes me how women willingly degrade themselves. No thanks, I'll pass.

My God Sister & her friends. (She's the little clown :))

I made a Chanel Pumpkin! Lol
Prime example of this fuckery.

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