Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ugly ass Boots.

So more & more lately I've been seeing a vast amount of women wearing these kind of combat/army try boots. Probably b/c I do live in LA, where almost everyone follows the "current trends" or tries to look different but in reality ends up looking like the mass population. I've seen so many tiny baby boppers wearing nylon yellow or pink ones, with fishnets & a torn up tee. So trashy looking. Especially the ones that stop at your ankles. I mean I guess it goes w/ the whole punk rock theme, but these shits are ugly as hell to me. If you aren't going on a hike or a wild safari adventure, then I don't see why these boots would come in hand. Most people make them look bulky & unattractive. Especially when I see someone wearing them, & I can totally tell that it isn't their style & they're just wearing them b/c its in fashion. There's only a seldom FEW who can pull this look off. One of them happens to be my baby momma Luisa, but hers don't even go in the same category cause their knee high & bad ass. See! Hella sexy huh ;)

Damn you Dr. Martens.

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