Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Don't Care What No One Has To Say...

As everyone knows, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Rihanna (as usual). Recently she finally decided to speak out on the Chris Brown situation on 20/20. A lot of people have been bashing & criticizing her for making Chris Brown look hella bad in front of the whole world. In the interview, she stated that she never hit him. Pretty much she made it seem like she didn't provoke him at all & she's the innocent victim in the situation. I personally believe that this may not be the complete truth, but it doesn't change the fact of what he did. Did anyone see his face battered & bruised? No? Any bleeding? No? Even if she did hit him back, he is a man. No man should EVER put hands on a women, especially not the way he did. I just think everyone is attacking her for doing what she needed to do. Eventually, something had to been said. & yes it was very smart of her PR people to do it right before he album drops, but hey that's how the entertainment industry works. You gotta think about it as if you were in her shoes. What would have you done? & while people are talking hell shit no one is mentioning the fact that after that interview the Nation Domestic Violence Hotline calls went up 59%. She has encouraged battered women to come out of hidding & seek help. This shit is a serious problem. Today, one in every 3 (or 5 I don't remember exactly) young women in a relationship today are being domestically abused. Regardless of all the haters, I still love Rihanna to death. Last night she received the Women of the Year award. Hi hatersssss

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