Saturday, February 14, 2009

love my ass .

so, its the day of love
& i just ate hella sushi
slappin drake's new mixtape so far gone
i wouldn't mind moving to Canada & marring that nigga
eyyyy :)
i should be getting dressed to go out but i decided to take a rest first
valentines day has really become pointless
it's kinda like Christmas ya know
its lost it's essence & meaning as we got older.

this is love:
its a chemical. a hormone in your body that attaches you to a person.

sad, yet true.
i'm only being bitter b/c i haven't got my way today.
if i was all "in love" i'd prolly be skipping around this damn house or something.
but since i'm not, fuck itttttt

this is my love(s)

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