Thursday, March 5, 2009

another day another dolla .

i'm hella mad i'm sick. my roomate has passed on her cold to me. this sucks. & i missed class today & yesturday b/c of it. ohhh wellll. fuck it. i'm not very consistant w/ this whole blog thing. my mind wonders too much. i've been thinking a lot lately about what is going to come next. ke where will i be after i graduate college. probibly new york, but still, ya never know. i'm anxious to start life in the real world already but at the same time i know i must cherish these times. it's kinda like when your a kid. & you can't wait to be 16. then you can't wait until your 18. then when your 18 you cant wait to be 21. then after that your just getting old. im just craving real life expereinces right now. i want to travel the world. i wanna expereince things this world has to offer. in sociology the other day we were talking about maturity & what it means to be mature. the offical diffinition of being mature is when you stop chasing your dreams & come to terms w/ your status quo. pretty much being fucking boring. i never wanna stop chasig my dreams, unless they all come true.

new love : Omahyra Mota. i've always admired her uniqness but i just happen to stumble across some of her photos which made me realize how beautiful she is

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