Thursday, February 12, 2009

college is a full time job .

it really is though.. like wth
i'm so drained.
i have 5 classes & a lab, which is a okay load
so not only is the class time consuming but on top of that you get hours and hours of homework, reading & studying.
but i have no idea what kinda shape i'd be in if i had a job
next year is going to be veryyyyy interesting lol.
but today i moving nonstop until like 5pm.
i went to my classes, ate, studied, went to the dentist, & now i'm back at home.
my mouth is still numb from that bitch sticking a needle in my gums!!
i can't feel my whole left side.
but anywho, i'm off to have a evening cocktail & listen to music :)

check out these cool picks i found of obama
fuck yeah!

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