Friday, February 6, 2009

just like a virgin.

so, i've been talking about blogging for a very long time, but just never got around to this shit.
but now i have.
lets see how long this lasts, since i never can seem to keep attention on one thing for longer than a minute.

okay so here it goes..
i doubt many people will be reading this, since i am not famous nor crave attention from those i do not know.
but oh fucking well.

so, i'm sitting here in my dorm (college girl you already know though :))
watching adaleena rap her blanket around her head like a turbine
it's 12:36 am & i'm not doing homework
so therefore i really shouldn't be awake
but no school tomorrow, so yey!
i'm in the process of reinventing myself.
i'm trying to become a better person inside & out.
focus more on what i would i like to accomplish this year, ya digggggg

kay so i'm off to bed.
lots to do tomarrow before i head of to lmu to see my boo tara hehe :)

muahhhh :-*

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