Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tilley Got The Internet Buzzin !

Both of these video's are fuckin sickkk. Now this is how Chris Brown was suppose to return after that whole beating of Rihanna incident! This is exactly what his fans wanted. Many people think its safe to say Chris Brown is officially back! Actually let me not get too carried away, lol. This is by far thee best work Colin has done, so far. (Stay tuned people this is only the beginning ;) ) So proud of you dude!! Making Berkeley proud :)

I love this one not only because Deuces is a tight song, but the shots are amazing. The silhouette shot of Chris dancing in the tunnel is beautiful.

Video Debut Chris Brown ft. Tyga & Kevin McCall – ‘DEUCES’ from Gloob Marketing on Vimeo.

Every girl I know is like drooling over this video. A lot of people are surprised to see Chris actually kissing a girl in a video! Colin did a good job portraying the sexiness of the song while keeping it classy. I'm so mad at the licking of the lower back shot tho lol.

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