Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Past That Haunts Us.

The other day while having lunch with some friends, we took a moment & reflected on all of the horrible trends which corrupted our innocent minds back in middle/high school. When I think about how excited I was to wear these items, I have no choice but to laugh. Almost all of these fads I fell victim to (except for Jabo Jeans, which I couldn't even find a picture for smh). Anyway, if your over the age of 18 then I'm sure you remember these hard times..

Muthafuckin NASCAR jackets. I absolutely had to have one back in 7th grade. They were thee cool thing. I can recall precisely the day my mom took me to the mall & bought me a Disney Princess one for damn near $100. I have no idea what so ever where it is now, but for that short year I cherished that shit.

Yet another must have of my pre teens. I had a burgundy one that I wore at least once a week, & a Juicy one that said "Juicy" right across the butt. Smh. No idea where those shits are either. However there is no denying that they cute while they lasted!
This may only concern those who are from the bay, but I'm sure most people have heard of the infamous ripper slippers. I unfortunately had an orange pair of these as well. This is actually embarrassing. Got my hood rat on for a quick sec. Never again tho, never again!!!

Remember when matching was a must? I had light blue & yellow chucks to match my Carmello Anthony jersey. I'm sure I had several more, guess I prefer not to remember. Don't get me wrong I still wear converses to this day. Only white & black tho. Those shown below, are just no no's.
I honestly don't even know how this brand became so popular in the first place. Did the people who wore Von Dutch not realize that it was the exact same thing?! This brand is horride. If anyone has anything left of Ed Hardy please go outside & burn it now. Rhinstones tigers & old english cursive should NEVER go together & I am happy to say I never gave into this hideousness. Can they go out of buisness like NOW please? Thanks.
I'm pretty sure every girl in America had a jersey dress. Oh 8th grade & freshmen year of high school were the best :) This trend started to get to be too much when they came out with the high heel sneakers & whatnot though. I had this exact same one Mariah is wearing below! No idea where that is now either...
I really don't know where the idea that it was okay to wear cartoon appearel in high school came from, but almost everyone played a part in it.
The day after the song Air Force One's by Nelly came out I bought my first pair, & that was history. I wish I knew how many pairs I went though, being that once you scuffed them they were pretty much useless. Damn man, good times, good times lol.

Another trend we had a laugh over was the rubber-banding of the pants. Remember that? Some claimed they did it to protect their jeans because they were too long, some just did it because they thought it looked cool. I can remember seeing nothing but ankles at Berkeley High for all of freshmen year. So glad that passed by quickly.

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