Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Muse Magazine

Lindsay Lohan is falling the fuck off. Its pretty clear the bitch is on crack. Okay maybe not crack, but definitely a collection of drugs + alchy. This shoot was suppose to be a depict of Kate Moss & Jonny Depps relationship in the 90s. All I have to say is, why are you always trying to be someone else?!? She's done like three photoshoots portraying Marilyn Monroe & one as a vintage Madonna. Are you really that unconformable in your skin that you must try & be like someone else? I actually feel kinda bad for her b/c this is a prime example of what can happen to child stars who are not guided the right way. In a sense you can't blame her, I mean look at what happen to Brittany Spears. Not everyone is build to handle the craziness of being a celebrity. Her dad is so out of pocket for leaking those phone conversations thought. Just making a bad situation worse. Now, this shit! Bitch what are you doing?!?! Do you not care that you are only adding fuel to the fire by taking these slutty ass photographs? 3somes?! I can see yo damn titty!! I'm so done.

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