Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ummm Excuse Me Keri Hilson?!?

I never expected such vulgar lyrics from Keri Hilson! "I got that kinda pussy that'll keep you out the streets"? Really Keri? I imagined something a little more classy, especially following her "empowering" single before it 'Breaking Point'. It's understandable that she would try something different, maybe even outlandish because of album sales, but I feel like this is so out of character for her. The video opens with singers JoJo (random much?!?), Faith Evans, Dawn & Keri talking amongst an arsenal of guns. The acting is offensive enough, Keri (who was last seen in all pink atop a pink castle float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade might I add) soon stripped down to almost nothing. Sweating & gyrating all over the place & even dry humping a bank vault, Keri thrusts her pelvis into the camera enough times that you could give her a Pap smear. I mean you can practically see up her damn uterus in many of the shots. Spread Eagle in a bathing suit?! I'm too through.

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