Wednesday, December 1, 2010


"I care about what I haven’t found in me yet. I know who I am now, but I’ve yet to meet the Taj of tomorrow. I’m investigating myself, and within this investigation I’m managing to gradually paint my own portrait. Growing as humans is art in itself. It’s displayed in our own history books and in the memories of those who watched us evolve. I’m going to do great things. Some of them you will understand, and some you will not. You’ll love some and hate some of it, BUT… you’ll remember it all. I’ve introduced people to this world of “working” art and have detached myself from some people who broke the rules that I abide by. I’ve made mistakes, but it’s all apart of the masterpiece. Besides, a masterpiece isn’t a masterpiece because it’s perfect. It’s a masterpiece because of it’s touch.

Watch. And please do not regret."


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