Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aww Sookie Sookie Now

This show is my shit! I've been a loyal fan since episode one! I love it so much because it just gets crazier & crazier. When it first started it was mellow, now its jus out of control. It makes me a little upset that they incorporated werewolves into the story, obviously a Twilight reference. However its still an amazing show, none the less. Everyone is trying to kill Sookie while fighting for her love at the same time. Not to mention Eric (on the left) is one hot piece of Russian ass! This & Entourage make my Sundays Fundays :) tune in tonight for more madness! This is the episode when we finally find out why/how Sookie can read minds.

Note: I found out a few hours after I posted this that Sookie & Bill got married in real life! They started dating shortly after the show went into production & have been engaged since last year. They got married yesterday in Malibu. So beautiful :)

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