Friday, July 30, 2010

Lara Stone Sues Playboy.

Supermodel Lara Stone is suing French Playboy for publishing nude photographs of her without permission in the magazine's June 2010 issue (photos below). It was announced that Stone will be pressing charges against both Playboy and photographer Greg Lotus. She stated, "Playboy had no right to publish these unauthorized photographs. It's not the kind of publication I would ever choose to appear in. I feel I have no option but to take steps to protect my reputation."
I found that statement very puzzling considering she has done semi nude photoshoots before that were obviously willingly published. I mean, what do you expect, its Playboy! Why would you be photographed naked period if you had no intention on having them published. No one forced you to take your clothes off. Makes no sense. None the less, she'll probably get a decent settlement out of this situation anyway.

Here she is topless in a shoot for Industrie #1

& pretty much here too in Calvin Klein..

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